External Drive Quit Working

I’ve been having a bit of trouble with my WD MyBook Elite lately. It seemed a bit finnicky getting it to connect. Then tonight I restarted my laptop and now can’t get it to connect at all. Not to my laptop or my WDTV, so it’s definitely an issue with the external and not my computer.
If I manually turn it on the drive will spin up and sounds the same way it always does. The lights come on like they always do. I just can’t get it to actually connect and show up.

Any ideas? Should I just replace it (I’d hate to lose 1.5tb worth of data but if fixing it will cost roughly the same as a new drive I’ll just opt to replace it).

It’s worth mentioning that I’m not particularly adept or knowledgeable with hands on stuff so if it will involve taking the drive apart I’ll have to pay someone.

Replace it mate, as per your description the unit seems to be faulty.