External Drive not visible on XP

Hi, I just bought WD Elements external hard drive. To check whether its working or is defective, I connected it to my desktop. I’ve got win XP (sorry), 1 GB RAM on my desktop. When I connect the hard drive, it doesn’t show up anywhere on My Computer. When I check Device Manager, its all fine; device connected, working, driver updated. But it still does not show anywhere on My Computer. Is there any other way to access hard drive? Or is there something wrong with the drive or PC? Hard Drive SKU no.: 606A545IM

Guys please answer soon, I need to use it urgently!

What about Disk Management as opposed ot the Device Manager?


Its visible in it, but it has no name and I don’t get any options on right click i.e. all options are greyed out except help. Also, its status shows “healthy (GPT protective partition)”. Whats that?

What’s the color of the box? Black? Blue? GPT-protected means your hard drive was re-configured for Windows 8 and later. This can create a conflict with Windows XP.