External Drive not recognised every time I restart PC

Hello everyone. So here’s my problem. Every time I shut down my PC I must unplug my external WD drive, because if I leave it plugged, my PC will take longer to boot (for some weird reason) and the disc will not show up on My PC. Not even if I reset the PC again and again, it just won’t show up. What I must do to make it show up is unplug the disc, turn the PC on, and when Windows is good and booted, plug the disc.

This, you can imagine, gets annoying fast, and I fear that one day the disc will no longer boot because I yanked the cable too many times or something.

This has happened since day one. I re-partitioned and all but keeps happening. I know I am sending the disc enough energy because it works well when Windows is booted.

Anyone can help? The disc is a 1Tb MyPassport.


Try running a diagnostics test on the drive.


Also try using a power booster cable for the drive. Call tech support regarding the power booster cable specs.

Thank you for the response. I ran both the quick test and the extended test and they both pass, so the drive itself seems to work fine.

I have the original cable that came with the disc, why would I need to get another one? The USB port is not the issue, I use a back USB port that delivered energy just fine to a Maxtor drive, and I have a top of the line 800W energy font.

Any other ideas?