External Drive Model WD800JM-00JJC0 is no longer being recognized by my Windows XP

My external drive usually starts to “scan” when I first turn on my PC and you can actually “hear” it going back and forth with a “crackling sound”

After several months the “crackling” stopped and just the blue light remains on. I have since  not been able to find it (when I click on MY COMPUTER all the drives are listed including the external HD which  was called the “L:DRIvE”

It is no where to be seen!!!

THis particular model has two USB ports on the back and they are still working (because my cameras are attached and when I turn them on you can see their  peripheral listed as “canon” etc ) so the power is still going through.

What can I do to access my files now that I can no longer find them in “My computer”???

Any advice or help is appreciated !

Thank you

PS - I have uninstalled the device (when I went to “device Manager”) there was a “yellow exclamation mark” beside it.

When I plugged the unit back in, it seemed to want to install but then I got a message saying your device is installed but it may not work properly…ya no kidding:womansad: