External drive is not initializing


during formatting my external hdd (wd elements se 1 tb) accidentally a failure occurs in the electric supply to my home, and the formatting does not completed well, it is interrupted, now i can’t access my external hdd, it is showing an error such as “data error : cyclic redundancy check”.

I’m using win7 and when i check the disk management from computer management it showing that disk not initialized, the above error shows when i try to initialize the disk. recently it shows another error message such as “RPC server is unavailable”.

plz any one help me solve this and recover my external hdd or should i consider to replace it.

Hi  WD_Jishnu,

My recommendation on this case is to try to use the WD DLG Tool to write zeros to the drive.

See if the following link helps.


If the zeros completes properly, you will need to initialize the drive again.


Thank you ERmorel for your post. By doing what you noted i can initialize my external drive, but i cannot solve “data error : cyclic redundancy check”. During formatting this error shoot up again and again. Any way thank u once again for your support.

I have same problem with my WD external drive.My computer doesn’t show this drive,but Disk manager does:

Then I use Data lifeGuard to check this drive,and this is showed image:

I can quick test and extended test,but can’t write zeros…Additional,When i try initialize this drive,it note Access denied.Who can help me please?

i replaced my external hdd by using wd rma service. when i asked how to solve my problem, they replied that it cannot be solved, there will be any internal error or any damages happend  in the hard disk inside.