External drive freezes computer when inserted into USB

Hello all.  I bought a 320Gb My Passport Elite external mostly to keep my data files on and to be read on occasion by a Playstation 3.  I formatted the drive to FAT32 (so it could be read by the PS3) as much as I could, and I created new folders and even moved a small amount to the drive to test its abilities.

The HD works just fine with reading/writing to the PS3, but for some reason, the HD has stopped responding with my PC.  I fear that maybe I unplugged it too quickly from the USB port one night, and maybe my computer believes that it’s still connected (?).

So we’re clear, I’m using Windows XP SP3, and when I plug the external HD in, the drive is recognized by the arrow/box icon to safely remove the hardware.  The power light comes on, and the data LEDs flicker when first plugged in, and then just a repetitious blinking of the power light, as if it were busy.  Almost all of Windows functions cease from this point on until I unplug the hard drive.  Even when restarting the PC to see if the computer sees the drive, the system haults on the Windows splash screen until the drive is removed.

I have already tried System Retore, back to a date before I had my drive.  The funny thing is that it mentions that it cannot restore anything on the H:\ drive (my external) because it has not been stopped (?).  The USB wasn’t connected at the time of that message, so I’m not sure if its Windows that is having the problem or my drive.

Any tips would be appreciated.

Are you safely removing it from the PS3?  However, since there’s been no replies, maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support


Also, how much of the drive did the PS3 format, all of it, or a portion of it?  If a portion, then Windows may not be seeing or accessing the drive because the rest of it needs to be partitioned and formatted.