External drive blues

my new my passport essentials se doesnot sgow on my computer on windows 7, however it appears on hardware management. Smartware reads the drive but never finnishes discovering it. so i tried linux and i view it though i cannot copy anything on to itor format it, linux cannot format and says drive is locked. what is the problem?

Try using DLG to write zeros to the passport, this will delete any information inside it. If it doesn’t work you might need to contact tech support to replace it. Check the link below.


i tried the dig program and it failed to write new data on to the drive, so downloaded the alternative which is given in the link Arcronis and it failed to format the drive. now the drive cannot be at all even in system properties, the Arcronis program also cant read the drive. I guess i will have to try return the thing. I hope they replace it