External Drive and Wireless Adapter


So I see that there is only one USB 2.0 port on the hub. I’d like to add a 2 TB external drive and a wireless N adapter. Is this inadvisable? Should I use a hub or try daisy chaining the adapter through the external drive?

Actually there are 2 USB ports on the Hub, 1 one the back and 1 on the front!

I won’t recommend wireless network if you want to stream HD movies, but for internet services and music streaming wireless should in most cases be sufficient!

I’m not sure a USB hub will work, some say it can, but WD hasn’t officially announced it as a working feature!

So even a 150/300 Mbs wireless N network isn’t reliable enough to stream a 50~ Mbps blu-ray iso or m2ts? The wife does hate cables and the router is in line of sight but running cat5 would be messy (open doorways, corridor, &c).


Depends on the layout of your house etc…

But Xvids will be your whack, all depending where you are in the house, maybe even 720p if you are that close.

Wired is the way forward, but there is a glimmer of hope, use those Network adapters that use your house wiring to pass the info, I doubt it will be upto a full Bluray Iso though…even a ripped m2ts file, but I have never tried myself.

In answer to your original question. As has been stated there are actually two USB ports on the hub. It appears that you can use a hub as long as there is only one hard drive connected to that hub. Users have reported that a WiFi adaptor plus hard drive will work plus maybe a keyboard.