External Drive and USB port on TV

I have an external drive plugged into the USB port on my Sharp Aquos TV. And it works! BUT… When you go into a folder for a show to play, every single show is out of order. Every single one. And they all have the same exact title format (which is what I had to do to get them into VLC media player in order, so I know they are all named properly). 

They are all the same file formats as well (ie all are avi or mp4, etc), so that isn’t the problem either. 

Finally, because the title length available is so short, on some of them, I would have to rename every file to have the number at the very beginning in order to actually see the episode number. 

Even if they aren’t in order, I can live with that since I just won’t auto play. But I can’t live with these short file names since I would have to rename 1000s of files. I don’t know what to do! If you actually click the show and let it start playing it does show the full title name, but when you have 22 files out of order with no names, you can imagine how hard it would be to watch a season of a show having to play each file in oder to get the name. Again, renaming all of them truly isn’t an option (especially since  they still won’t even autoplay). 

I have no where else to go on this, so if anyone has suggestions where I can get help, please let me know. I tried Sharp and I have googled for hours and tried other message boards and nothing. I am getting frustrated!


Are those TV series files? If so, Make sure that you add the number of the episodes to see if that’s the issue









Thanks for helping but they are all set up like that and formatted properly. I guess it must just be a glitch in my system somewhere.