External Drive Always Powered?


I have a WDTV Live setup in my living room. Since the living room is where the majority of all our viewing takes place, I’ve decided to attach a 1TB drive to the WDTV and store all of the content on it. I’ve made it accessible over the network so that all the other devices (another WDTV Live, a Patriot Box Office, two Macbook Pro’s, and a Mac Pro) can access the same content anywhere in the house. So far everything works, and there aren’t any issues. The only issue I have is I generally want to keep the WDTV Live powered on in the living room on so that it is always accessible to anyone else so they can watch stuff or even add content. The problem I’ve encountered with this is the External drive seems to be spinning 24/7. Even when there is nobody accessing it or even connected to the WDTV at all. As soon as the external is connected to the WDTV it just starts spinning and doesn’t stop until it’s turned off. Is there any way to prevent this. I just don’t want the drive to burn out any sooner than it should, and the more I can do to cut down on the electric bill the better (every little bit helps at this point). 

The drive is a few years old already, so I figured this would be a good place to put it too work since I won’t be too upset when it does die and I loose some easily replaceable tv shows. Not sure of the exact brand but it’s one of those odd names you never see again that go on sale at Future Shop and Best Buy all the time. It is formatted HFS Journaled from my Mac. The WDTV Live Firmware is up to date.

Any ideas would be appreciated.