External device crashed

I have a 4TB My Passport which I bought in 2017. It was working perfectly all these years. Yesterday, when I connected the hard disk to my system, it was loading really slowly, and for some folders, while trying to open, it was saying cyclic redundancy error. As the trouble was a lot for me I decided to restart the system. After the system restarts, the external hard disk does not show the name I gave it. Instead, it was shown as a Local disc. If the external hard disk is connected, the disc manager or anything which shows the storage devices will not work. Kindly help me to recover this device. I have stored a lot of images in this device, which is very very important in my life.

To restore your data, first connect it to another system and try another USB cable to fix it. Check the drive health by Chkdsk, Disk Management, or do a SMART test, if your drive supports the same. If it shows errors but is still readable use, Stellar, TestDisk, or Recuva to recover your data. If the drive isn’t accessible or makes unusual noises then you can consider professional data recovery services. Avoid further use of the drive to prevent more damage.