External connectivity issues (x2)

First issue, I just bought a WD TV Live and when I plug in my WD External (2TB) is doesnt recognise it at all. It’s formatted as ExFAT is that makes a difference.

Second issue, I used my hp 1TB external as a temporary replacement and it worked well until about 20 minutes in when a pop up appeared saying that something had not been properly ejected or something. And now it will recognise the external and say that it is connecting and compiling the media library but then stop there and when I try to view my videos it says ‘There is no media in the current folder’ and doent give me a choice to choice the content source before saying so.

(Also, there is files on the external, because when I plug it into my laptop they are appear as the should)

Help please :slight_smile: I only just bought this today and I’d like to not regret it xD

  It’s formatted as ExFAT is that makes a difference.

Yes, that makes a difference, because ExFAT isn’t supported.

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Ahh thank you :slight_smile:

Is Mac OS Journaled supported?

I am haveing some issues with my wd mypassport 1 tb ex hdd. i have tryed every thing but my computer (win 7)

is fighting me every step of the way. it just does not wont to reconize the ex hdd. All the ex hdd i have are wd and one other is a passport ?320gb? and i have had no problems with any of them. so i got this one from my friend and was working just fine after a format untell one day the second or thered day my laptop ran out of juice while in the middle of a backup and when i gave it power and pluged it in my pc wont see my ex hdd. i cant evan install the firmwear or drivers. but the funny thing is the ex hdd is getting full power i asume it sounds and feels like the disk is spining and lights are comeing on and staying on like every thingis okay.  since then i have done a factory restor not for this issue but for a nother and still nothing. the last thing to do is plug into a compleatly diff computer wich i will try and do today, but as of now if any one has any ideas and help me out that would be cool…    thanks inadvance

Loccy wrote:
Is Mac OS Journaled supported?

As is stated in the manual: no. Only HFS without journaling.