External acces (ftp)

Hello all,

I know I’m not the first one, and definately not the last one. I’m trying to access my 3TB my book live NAS device through Filezilla. I do have access on my iphone and ipad through the app WD put on the app store, but I want access through FTP. The thing is, I do not really know what configuration to put in Filezilla.

Basically what I want is to give myself access from work or from my parents house to my NAS. So I open Filezilla and put in my external IP adress and port 21. I opened FTP access in the menu from my NAS. But what do I have to do next? If I only put in my external IP adress, my external pc will never know which device it wants to access. So probably I need to put in my internal IP adress from my NAS as well (which in But I don’t know where to enter that.

So I’m kind of stuck on the settings in Filezilla. If I try to access it internally through Filezilla, it works. But externally it doesn’t.

My router is a TP-Link 300M Wireless N Gigabit Router, model no. TL-WR1043ND.

Could anyone please help me out here.

Thanks in advance.


Underneath here 4 images from Filezilla.

General tab:

filezilla general tab.jpg

Advanced tab:

filezilla advanced tab.jpg

Delegation settings tab:

filezilla delegation settings tab.jpg

Character tab:

filezilla character tab.jpg

You must forward port 21 on your router to the NAS. 

Having FTP open is exteremely dangerous. It is not secure against hacking.

Correct as stated before…

you will need to forward the port in the router to the NAS.

+ FTP protocol is unsafe 

Check your router manual for instructions.

Thank you for your reply. So you suggest to not use ftp.

Do you know any other way to access my NAS on another desktop computer outside my house? VPN or anything?


There are 3 good options:

  1. wd2go

  2. AccessBook - from highlevelbits.fr

  3. OpenVPN - from highlevelbits.fr

Another option is SSH/SCP/SFTP.