Extending storage via USB

Hi, I have a MyCloud Ex2 Ultra 8TB, set to RAID 0 and pretty much full. I happened to see a WD Elements 18TB desktop USB hard drive on sale and after what I thought was a little research determined I could connect it via USB to the MyCloud NAS to a) create a backup of my data and b) utilise the additional capacity as part of the overall capacity.

So, I’ve got the USB drive connected to the NAS and I can see it connected via the USB icon at the top of the MyCloud dashboard, and can see it as a Share, but can’t even looking at the NAS manual work out how to actually utilise the capacity as described above. I use my Ex2 Ultra primarily as a media server for Plex and the idea of effectively having an entirely different storage option doesn’t appeal, the idea here was to effectively “extend” my 8TB to 26TB. Right now aside from see the Elements connected via USB and as a Share I can’t seem to actually access that storage let alone see it combined with my existing 8TB.

I guess two questions, the first is if this is possible, how?! Conditional second is, was I under the wrong impression coming into this?

It should work the way you want.

Just plug it into the USB port in the back. The USB drive will be seen as a Share. You can check and see it on your Dashboard. Set USB Content Availability under Dashboard > Settings > General > Cloud Access to ON.

Hope this helps.


Hi there, thanks for the response - unfortunately General > Cloud Access to ON doesn’t seem an option for me. Under General I have sections on Device Profile, Language and Clock, Energy Saver, Mac Backups and Services, can’t see Cloud Access under any of them?

Hello there, see if this works. My Cloud OS 5 Online User Manual

You should have Cloud Access tab in the navigation bar. See if your USB comes up as a volume to get Shared Access.


Hi, thanks - so one thing I hadn’t done is sign in to the cloud service with my account. That’s now done, and the admin user (the only user) has access to edit/read that Sharee, but as you can see I’m still not getting the capacity visualised or available

Any ideas from anyone else? May just have to send this HD back and plan for a new NAS in the future, real shame