Extending Partitions

I need to extend partition C utilizing some the free space I have on D. The issue is that when you resize D it is at the end of the partition and I need it at the beginning in order to extend drive C. All the software I have looked at states Free until you go to execute and then it wants to charge you for a server addition. Does anyone know of a program which is free to solve the issue I have.


I tried that, but it only supports :Support Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP. When I tried it on server 2008r2, it wanted me to purchase the server edition @ 159.00 I think.

that stinks
windirstat any help to see what is using the space? Sometimes log files go beserk

Thanks, I will continue to search.


Just thinking out loud
If you only have 2 drives I wonder if you could clone it with acronis and adjust the part, would not work with RAID 5
As well may be way too much effort

I have 4 drives and raid 5 in that one. Not a big deal, I will find someway to get it done. May take me awhile, but somehow I should find an answer. I don’t understand why Microsoft didn’t include it ???


I asked my brain trust and someone suggested backing up D: twice, delete it, resize etc
in your special case you would need to “empty” the drive, use the wizard in the dashboard to move the shares to C: and then move them back to D: before you copy the data back

Not a bad plan as it would be a good idea to have a copy of your data anyway


Gramps, I backup my files to an external 3tb drive . I gained 6 gig by deleting all the Net Framework Language packs which will bide me some time. That sounds like a lot of time and effort and possibility of (me) screwing something up again. I just had to recovery the system after one of MS update caused it not to load the OS.

another idea from my brain trust

Haven’t played with it, but…

PA Lite - Free for personal and home use but I figure you must be sitting at home now, so you should qualify 

AOMEI Partition Assistant Lite Edition (Free)

The web page above says to “Firstly, download the free partition magic server and install it on your computer”. If you look at the picture, it appears to really be AOMEI Partition Assistant Lite Edition that you want to install and use to “move” the partition. I think what it does is move the D: partition to the right, creating some unallocated space at the beginning of the D: partition. That then allows you to extend the C: drive using that unallocated space.


You are correct…BUT… when I had done that earlier, it allowed me to start to do it and then when you wanted to commit it sent you to their web page to purchase an upgraded product @ (if I remember) about 179.00. I thought I had read the same thing as you, so I had emailed them and am waiting their response in regards to the free lite issue.

Even with all the updates installed and just a few extra software, I have almost 20 Gb free on C:

Check windowd temp as well as C:\Windows\Logs\CBS - that directory sometimes during updates or DX4000 activities becomes full of big files



Can all the files and folders in C:\Windows\Temp be deleted without an issue. It appears all the KB’s are in there along with some other folders. It would give me another 20 gig free space.

My vote is yes

Also, due to the defender update error(for about a month now), I have removed “Desktop Experience” for the server. From what I have read, it should not be part of Server2008r2 as per Microsoft .
We will see what happens.

of course, maybe you won’t be allowed to delete the last two or three files of the active windows sessions as they are currently being used, but all the rest is basically rubbish