Extender security

My network extender will not connect with my Panasonic DVD player. Is there a way to change the security feature of the extender?

Hi Murdpg, what happens when you try to connect? Can the Panasonic DVD at least see the available wireless connection? Check page 30 of the manual for the steps to change the Wireless Security Mode.


The extender saga continues. Thinking that possibly the comcast router was the issue I purchased the Asus RT-N66R router. Hooked everything up aand then tried to access the DVD player and it will not communicate with the WD extender. The DVD player however did connect to the Asus. so it is something wrong with extender. The extender does work with my ipad and iphone. My system is windows 7. When I checked the security issue the computer says the security is the same with the router and extender. I have rebooted the DVD player, router and ext. Any help or answers would be most appreciated.

Also there is not a drop down menu on the dashboard to change the security. It applies whatever the routers security is I guess. My dashboard doesn’t  look like the dashboard in the manual. Are there more than one my net wifi range extender?