Extender considerations


Just bought the N900 wireless router.  It is in a corner in my basement, therefore 5Ghz (one major reason for buying this) doesn’t reach 50 ft. to my upstairs kitchen area…I set to WPA-Personal, Auto channel, A+N.

The 2.4GHZ works fine but every neighbor has that already and I hoped to increase performance by avoiding channel overlap (and microwave, etc interference) in a newer band.

I see that WD has a range extender but it only does 10/100 ethernet.  Since my goal is to have at least 450 Mbps over the 5 Ghz wireless network, stepping down to 100Mbps is defeating the purpose.

I would use a wired 8 port gbit router but I don’t see that those are being made anymore…everything includes wireless whether you need it or not.  I may have missed some, but cursory research tells me that.

I suppose I could buy another N900 but it is a bit pricey for use as an extender.


1.)  Am I accurate about the extender only being 10/100?

2.)  Any thoughts about making 5Ghz radio more powerful on my router which can’t really be moved?

3.)  Anyone using the N900 as an extender connected to the primary N900?

4.)  Does the extender or N900 as extender have to have its own SSIDs separate from the primary N900 or does it magically “extend” the existing preferred SSIDs?

5.)  Can someone suggest a good extender that will take advantage of GB ethernet and maybe even 802.11 AC specs?

Hi, the range extender, does supports 450Mbps and it also has a Gigabit Ethernet connection. You can extend the 2.4 or 5Ghz bands. Check the link below for more info. 


I see it now…the extender works as a wireless node.

I also determined that I need ethernet ports in my second location.  I could use a small switch attached to the extender’s ethernet port (for wireless back to the router) or place a router there that has the ethernet ports and wireless.  If it’s set as an extender it would assume all the ssid settings of the primary as I read it.

I think I need a router with wifi and ethernet ports…meaning another N900 or some lower end unit?

Can I use the same SSID on both routers and the laptops will pickup whichever is closest?

I may just try a router and return it if it doesn’t do what I think I need.