Extended Test, P**bleep**port having problems

I am using the digital data lifeguard diagnostics and after 7 hours of extended test it showed me a million errors, so put close to try to check for a detailed check of error and now I dont know how to choose the repair option again without the 7 hour wait.

In that case, If the drive can not be repaired by the Diagnostics software, it means the drive is defective and would need to be replaced. I have replaced drives before using the page on the link below.


well I figured I had to buy anothey driver, and I dont mind is just the information which I want back. Its all my work of an entire year, you wouldn´t think to back up your back up, would you happen to know how to access my data an retrieve it before getting ride of this driver?

To recover the data from the drive you could use either a Company or a software, some people have been lucky with MiniTool Data Recovery Software, you can try that and it should be helpful. Please let me know the outcome.

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