Ext3 file support - WDLiveTV

I’m using WDLiveTV 106.15 and a new external drive I was able to format to ext3 file system (gparted).

I am unable to see the drive when connected to WDLiveTV media player. I have successfully extracted files onto the drive(Ext2Fsd).

I am using a WD 1GB green drive (WD10EARX) in a thrd party enclosure (Acomdata).


Is that a question?   Or just a verification that the manual is correct?

Thanx Tony , Boy, aren’t these forums fun. Always a pleasure to get a response from an…honored contributor.

Don’t worry, I found the link to the manual.

So all these threads I’ve been reading about trying Linux formatted drives on WD media players apply to?

Or are they all WDXLTV ?

Guess I got lost thinking it would work, had to try it, obviously others have.

So for anyone else, WDLiveTV does NOT support Ext3 file system or any Linux file system usb formatted drive.


Yeah, I think WDLXTV supports EXT2/3, but I’m not sure…

Yes, the WDLXTV support EXT 2 and 3, but in they forum, they have stated that a drive with EXT 3 might stop been recognized, you just need to restart the WD TV.