Ext USB - unstable!

My Cloud: 6TB.  (new April 5th).

Updated to latest Firware: v04.01.03-421.

On Internal HD, runs as expected.  No issues.

However,  with extranal UB 3.0 drive, (3.0 cable) all sorts of problems.

Trying to connect a Fantom Drive 4TB  (USB 3).

Drive runs fine when connected direct to PC.   No issues. Reads/writes, recognised each time connceted,  Unmounts without issue.  (NTFS   connected to Windows 7 PC).

Problems start when connecting it to the WD “My Cloud”.

(1) MY Cloud  typically cannot recognise  the USB drive.

(2) If the drive is connected to the PC,  Mounted,  then dismounted,  then MY Cloud can then see it  when connected.

(3) If “My Cloud”  dismounts the USB drive,  or  is re-booted,  thereafter,  it cannot see  the USB device,  untill  the drive is connected back to the PC, Mounted, and he dismounted.  - The reconnecting it back to "My Cloud’,  it see it  (untill a re-boot or dismount).

–Yes, sfter dismount, I am unplugging the USB drive, waiting 10 secnds, and the re-connecting it,  to attempt a re-mount.

Gets worse.

When it is mounted, transferred a few Gigs of data  to the USB drive, over the network.

Half way through, USB drive errors.

When connected back to th PC,  drive had errors  in MFT  !!!  Needed to run chkdsk/F  to fix.


My Cloud:

(a) may have issues with Big Drives ?

(b) Cannot sucessfully dismount the USB drive, and leaves it in a state where it cannot connect back to My Cloud  (although can connect to a Windows 7 Machine) …  

© My Cloud corrupts the USB drives MFT, making it un-usable, till repaired on a PC.


Does not give any confidence to using MY Cloud + USB drive  as a backup solution  –  it needs a backup itself !!



(a) My Cloud needs better USB support.

(b) My Cloud needs STABLE  Usb operation… without corrupting the ext USB drive !!


(Currenyly  NOT HAPPY with My Cloud  --)

Well, you might think you did the right thing upgrading your firmware, but I’m sorry to say this probably caused the problem.

Many other users have encountered this problem, including me. You could try this tip first:


If that doesn’t work you can downgrade your firmware to V3 which is more stable and will allow you to perform backups. Read how to do it here:


Remember to turn-off firmware auto update after you’ve done that.