Ext HD for MacPro Backup

Have 4 internal HDs totalling 6 TBs in my MacPro running OS 10.13.4

Backup system consists of an external Mercury Elite Pro Dual RAID1 partitioned for each of the Int HDs

But this RAID System is LOUD when turned on - even the fan is loud.

Have been advised to look to WD for a drive with a plastic enclosure - very quiet.

Considering a switch from the RAID system to a reliable HD with no fan if it was quiet.

My upgraded MacPro 5,1 (mid-2010) has USB 3 & Firewire connections.

Appreciate any advice!



Hi JMB7,

Do you want to use Network Attached Storage device or Direct Attached Storage device with RAID configuration?

Direct Attached Storage (RAID) or One Hard Drive

Hi JMB7,

I would suggest to use My Book Pro RAID drive with your MacPro High Sierra. My Book Pro comes with dual 20-Gb/s Thunderbolt 2 ports, USB 3.0 compatibility, the RAID hardware and
two 7200 RPM WD Black™ drives.

Thanks for this. Appreciate your effort.

I do have a Mercury Elite Pro Duo Raid (1) set up but it is just too noisy for my ‘quiet’ one-man office.

Is the WD My Book Pro a quiet unit?