"Express Customer Support" option in web interface

Express Customer Support

If you are experiencing difficulty, please click Express Support to automatically run a diagnostic report on your network device. When the report is complete, you will be directed to our customer support form with the diagnostic information already attached so that we can expedite your request.            

It does not do this.

It just sends you here:


Are there UI designers just making up features off the top of their heads??

Where did you find that?

Cthulu:  Wrong forum.   The Live / Live Plus never had a web interface…

Yes it does. I am looking at it right now.

Type the IP of your device into a web browser.

CthuluBlue wrote:

Yes it does. I am looking at it right now.

Then you have a Live SMP or Hub, not a Live HD or Live Plus, which was the forum this thread was originally in, but has since been moved by a moderator.