Explorer listing

In Windows 7 I got to see the contents of My Cloud EX2 as if it were an external drive.
In Windows 10 however I seem to always have to ask for an email in which I have to click SIGN IN
after which I can access my files but can’t see thumbnails for pictures and video like I could in Windows 7.

What do I need to do to have explorer as a default list the NAS as an external drive?
The method described in the manual seems odd. It lists commands I can’t find on W10.

I would appreciate your help.

For local network access, map the share.

How to map a My Cloud or NAS device on Windows

Thanks. I could only map each individual share on the NAS. When I wrote \WDMYCLOUDEX2in the explorer I got all shares, but couldn’t find a way to fit them all in one drive letter.

Generally that’s how it works. Map by individual Share not the entire device.