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Why cant you create a simple file explorer like app for Android and iPhone to allow us to drag and drop files to and from MyCloud? The MyCloud app is one of the most cumbersome apps I own.

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You can try posting this in the Ideas Section.

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Exactly how do you want it to work?

I find it pretty easy even though I don’t use it a lot especially on my phone since there is not a lot of storage space. I do have a 16 GB SD Card installed in my phone.

Here are some images showing what can be done on the Android phone. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4.

First I have to choose what I want to work with.

This image shows what I chose. Then I can download, copy, email or more. See next image.

There are several choices, one being to save it to my SD Card. See image below.

If I chose to download I can see it by clicking on the three bars to the left of WD My Cloud and choosing to view what I have downloaded.

I hope this helps, especially those with android phones.

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cat0w (USA)

Thanks… the app wasnt/isnt as intuitive as I had hoped it would be. 

I suppose that will only work for individual files but not for folders containg hundreds of documents, or can you?

Folders work fine. you can’t do it at the share level

IS there another level other than share level? What I need to do is to copy all my files to my computer through the internet because the MBL is not connecting to my network. I am looking for ways to back up my files before I update into the new firmware. Hoping it will solve the problem!

typically there are many levels but that depends on you. If all your files are at the top level then no. typically folders/directories are created to group related files

unless you have incredible Internet bandwidth at both ends I would post your connection issue in the proper subform for the mybook live and resolve the connection issues 1st

for example my upload speed is 1Mbps, this would take ~2.5 hours per GB or ~25 hours per TB

Great!! Thank you but it sounds impossible. I’ll just wait for the Technical Support to help me if they can. Does anyone know any number to call here in Australia?? The email support is not helpful. I don’t think they have 24 hours service. I only get answers 9am Adelaide time.


Take a look a this link to find the technical support number for Australia