Explorer.exe crashes after inserting External HDD: WDT-D2B(B)

Recently my external usb harddrive, WDT-D2B(B) / Elements 1023, crashes my explorer.exe after I insert it. The background picture and taskbar are removed, I can access the Ctrl-Alt-Del menu but I can’t reach the task manager. If I remove the drive, the computer runs smoothly again. This problem occurs on both my computer and laptop. Both use Windows 10. The drive has always been running smoothly until last week.

The last thing I’ve done on the drive is opening a Word document that somehow didn’t work and froze the Word program. After that I closed Windows, where it took a very long time to close because it couldn’t close a process (even with force closing) and I forced Windows off with the power button. After I restarted I came in contact with a black screen with cursor, where I could login blindly but after the login I still had a black screen and cursor. I unplugged all USB peripherals and noticed that the drive caused the issue. The drive crashes explorer.exe as described earlier if I plug it in a running Windows. Explorer freezes, then crashes. It makes no difference whether or not I can see the drive listed, but if I open an explorer menu I can see the drive being listed with the correct drive letter.
When I plug the drive in I can feel and hear the drive running with a normal white light from the LED.

Due to this issue I can’t use the drive nor reach the drive’s files. All help and possible solutions to this problem is greatly appreciated :slightly_smiling:

Hi, have you tried connecting the drive using a different cable? Have you tried connecting the drive on a different computer? Have you tried connecting the drive on a different USB port?

Hi Iluna, I have tried all of the above with no success.