Explanation of .tickle file

Hello Team,

I would appreciate a legitimate explanation of the .tickle file and other unknown xml file that appeared in my public folder?
I want to preface with I LOVE WD products and have used for various types for storage over 15 years in customized machines, personal machines, and now as a network storage solution. No problems here and no problems from my clients!
However, I am surprised to not find much information about this .tickle file on the net and more surprised to not see a better explanation from the topics in this community. The ones I found here are locked and do NOT include, no offense, a decent answer, pointer to a resource (UG, tech doc, tech forum), or purpose/why they are there.
In this day and age digital storage is constantly under attack and I hold my digital propertly in value and quite close sentimentally. I am not too worried about these files, but want to know what they are suddenly doing there amoung my most personal digital effects. It as if you looked out your window to the fenced in yard and suddenly there’s a billboard, tree, or whatever sitting there; you would want a good explanation to why it’s there.
I don’t want opinions, just facts about this file type, it’s origination, and purpose. Thanks community and thanks WD!

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Really ? Zero response ? Never saw the file until yesterday. What is it ?

Just FYI this issue has also been opened on a Microsoft site. They closed it unanswered. There were several other users that dropped a comment. They, like myself, were also WD users. My tickle file appeared on my device on 7/5/21.