Experimental software supporting R-Pi CM3

Hi, we received the new R-Pi Compute Module 3 (CM3) and are testing it in our WDLabs CM products (CM-to-SATA adapter, Media Stick and Smart Cable Module). For testing, I created a version of the PiDrive Foundation Edition software (NOOBS-based OS installer w/Project Spaces feature) that supports CM3. A link to the software is below (please consider it experimental). There are 19 items in a parent directory that need to be copied to the root directory of the CM3’s freshly-formatted eMMC (copy the 19 items without the parent folder) using the rpiboot driver and host PC file manager (link to instructions below).

Link to experimental version of Foundation Edition SW supporting CM3:

Link to CM programming instructions using WDLabs adapters (same instructions for all adapter models above):

If you’re a Nextcloud user, I also created a version of our NOOBS-Nextcloud software that supports the CM3 (please consider this experimental):