Experiences of WD customers

Hi everybody,

1- I bought 2 WD Esential External Hard drive for PC, but I cannot use both of them at a same time.

2- I bought a WD Media TV (gen 1) but it cannot detect my 2TB external hard drive too.

3- My WD media TV can’t play 5.1 audio on Full HD movies.

4- Case of my 2TB external hard drive & WD Media TV are sensitive to fingure effect and will be dirty surface soon.

5- USB port of WD Media TV is between HDMI and power cable, however we can’t connect flash memory to it.

6- I bought an External hard drive 1TB with 2 fire wire, 1 USB, and 1 eSATA… every time I remove it from PC in Windows OS (safe remove) it will be turn off automatically, but my new two 2TB essential external hard drive won’t be turn off automatically. I have to push its button for about 5seconds to turn off it. It is better for newer external hard drives to be turn off by something in OS such as remove safely in windows. This could assure us that External drives work normally without any fault.

7- I use WD Media TV with HDMI cable, if there is any interface to convert optical output sound to 5.1 or more channel analoge audio speakers.

I  was wondering if any one could help me to solve this problems.