Question Does WD plan on making another version? With USB 3.0? and being maybe able to read more formats?

Next question, is there a way to make this thing read raw Blu Ray files?  If not, can they make another to support raw blu ray files? That way i dont have to convert everytime to mkv

It’s always been able to read raw bluray files. All WDs for the at least the last 5 years can do that.

 And about the usb 3.0, Any plans for that ever?

****** PS: is it possible to move this thread to the wdtv likve & live plus area. I should not have posted this thread here. I didnt know a hub was something different. I actually have the wdtv live


Romeo5k wrote:

 And about the usb 3.0, Any plans for that ever?

No way for us to know – you and I will know at the same time; when WD releases the next player.

But I don’t see what possible advantage USB 3 would have.   USB 2.0 is plenty fast for all current media types.