Expand storage for Live HUB

I´m thinking to expand my 1 TB WD TV Live HUB and the options are the 2TB HUB or a My Passport AV. My doubt is about Passport AV: if I plug in teh WDTVLive HUB I have all the contents wich are managed by a Hub theme (I use Simplicity Theme)? 

I have folders by movie genre in the HUB and my question is, if I have the same folders in Passport AV where the movie files have the same specifications for Simplicity Theme files, they are displayed like those in 1TB of Live Hub??

Action folder from any source will display the linksheet Action that you have inside the simplicity theme folder.

I run a PlayOn media server and even the Action category for its virtual folders displays my Action linksheet! Just remember the linksheet file is the one with NO extension and the folders that use it have to have EXACTLY that name including caps. So if you want a different action linksheet for the USB drive’s Action folder either name it and the folder “Action1” or “action” (no caps) and name the folder the same way.

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Thanks for your help. Now I need to find an Passport AV greater than 320GB…