Exiting hibernate mode takes an hour

I recently purchased a PR 4100 NAS - 32TB. It took a while to figure out and had a few niggling issues but most have now been resolved. The main thing I have an issue with is the hibernate mode on the device. It’s set to sleep from midnight to 6am. The device (most of the time) switches on per schedule at 6am, however, the device is only accessible from 7am. This is like clockwork.

I have installed Plex on the NAS to use as a media server with the regrettable compulsory maintenance running at 11pm.

How can I figure out what the NAS is doing from 6-7am? The logs do not provide much help. I have enable extended logging but not sure how to access this. Any guidance would be most appreciated!

Thanks for the reply! I should have mentioned the RAID component. I have RAID 10. I thought it may be that but wasn’t sure… it starts up loudly but within a couple minutes it settles so it doesn’t seem to be doing anything, at least in terms of the lights and noise side of things.

The power consumption is not an issue for me but I thought that leaving it on 24/7 may be an issue considering the drives would be constantly engaged - does this not limit the lifespan of the drives if it’s on all the time? I’d prefer to keep it on all the time but I’ve read it severely decreases the lifespan…

That makes sense.

Okay, so how do I go about activating the sleep mode in place of the hibernation?

Done! Thanks for the help on this. I’m sure it will all be sublime from here on out! :slight_smile:

Hello, hibernate is the Power Off button on the pr4100 dashboard
what you were doing is turning off your server
Then, the PR4100 always turns on , some hour :zero minutes, after midnight, and updates the time form a time server, ususally Windows time
then when it corrects the hour, it updates the database
and then it stays on
what you need is to put it in sleep mode, accessible through settings
it will go to sleep, and the power on button on the server will blink very slowly