exFAT support

As acknowledged for WD TV, cloud we please have exFAT support?

To support OSX, Win and SmartTVs at the same time I’d choosen exFAT for my external USB drives, as probably a lot of users did. This is the only partition type which handles > 4 GB files AND is supported by newer and newest OSX/Win by default, useful especially for videos.

Due to the WD My Cloud (Mirror 12 TB here) not supporting exFAT I would have to use a temporary drive which is formatted HFS+ and slowly copy TB after TB before I can attach the drive to the WD My Cloud where I would have to copy those files again.

In my scenario, I would have expected the following to work:

Attach a USB 3.0 hub to WD My Cloud with 4x 2.0 TB WD Passport Ultra USB 3.0 drives, copy the files. Done.

Currently needed:

Pick an empty 2 TB drive, format HFS+, copy files from exFAT drive, attach to WD My Cloud and copy (again). Repeat with next 3 drives.

This takes a lot more time, really. Speaking of something like 10 hrs compared to 100 hours now for the entire process.

If I’d known before, I probably wouldn’t have bought the My Cloud 12 TB as this is really a show stopper for a NAS not to support on of the most spread (*) large-file partition type. * = speaking of interoperability.

See acknowledged idea for WD TV here:  http://community.wd.com/t5/WD-TV-Ideas/exFAT-support/idi-p/451440

Would love to see this idea getting some response, best implemented before I finished this copying process within the next 1-2 weeks :slight_smile:



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Simply deleting the linked thread and your answer here (which acknowledged the request at that time) is bad communication :frowning:

I am trying to backup my “WD My Passport Wireless” product via USB to my WD My Cloud. Both Products are current WD Products! The My Passport Wireless defaults to ExFAT for Drive and SD Cards. So why the !? can’t you build your two current products so that they work together? Just to save a few cents for the ExFAT license per device?

WLAN Transfer is too slow to be mentioned as workaround.

WD Fail!

Any news about this? It’s ridiculous to have support for the format in WD USB external drives and not having support for the same format to use in an USB Drive attached to your very own product. What’s the problem???

Hi Mogarick,

no, unfortunately no news :frowning:

For some time it looked like WD was giving a lot of support to the MyCloud products, supporting 3rd party Apps and developers. But things stalled…

The other threads about ExFAT support were simply deleted.

  • Frederik

Having the exact same problem!
Bought a WD Mirror 8TB in 2017
Bought a WD Passport 4TB shortly after to be able to move things locally from my Mac…

Only to find that USB backup did not work with the passport which where formatted with exFat!!

posted this thread immediately pleading for them to make an update:

Really disappointing!

This will be my last WD purchase ever!
I am finding myself running a Synology server on the side - and only using my WD Mirror as Time machine backup server!

Come on WD - is it not time to honour your customers with that service - i am sure we will be willing to pay for the update if needed!