Excluded files?

After doing a backup of my secondary HDD which has only my personal files on it, the ‘Home’ tab displays a chart  on the left that has a blue box indicating the files that were backed up but also a grey one that says ‘Excluded’.

What are these excluded files? Can I find out specifically what they are? Why are they being excluded?

Also I read a post on here that stated that there are file types that are excluded including .exe among others. I have checked my backup and it (fortunately) does contain my exe files. Is that an outdated thread?


When you select and run a file-type backup, the name of the System category changes to Excluded and it then includes all of the files that are not included in your file backup.

So, most of then are system files, programs and files that you didn’t include on the category backup.

The drive I’m backing up contains -only- personal files (It’s a secondary HDD with no Windows installation or anything). Under file-type backup I selected everything on the drive yet it still says there is about 400mb in ‘Excluded’ Why is this?