Excessive versions of outlook pst file backups

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Smartware Pro 2.0.1 set for 3 historic versions of files.  Somehow it is making multiple-multiple backups of my 4 different *.pst files . Looking at the backup, there is the base file titled:    

"username@domain.com - outlook(2).pst"  (the same format for 4 different usernames & domains, 4 different pst files, ranging in size from 500k to 1.8g each).

In the backup, there are these 4 files plus many, many more that have random characters inserted before the .pst, like

"username@domain.com - outlook(2)@6311f58bacac44f6a0d16be693933ba1.pst"

These crazy extra files add up to disk space in a hurry!  In just the last 24 hrs, they total 30 files & 29GB in space.

Is this a Smartware issue, Outlook or is my backup procedure flawed? (Using Smartware to backup specific folders, the pst files are in users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook.  I specified only the relevant pst files + 1 other file “mapisvc.inf” and not the whole folder).

Any help welcome but I do wish to stick with Smartware if possible …


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What happens if you update WD SmartWare to the latest release? Do you still encounter the same issue?


Thanks for the reply.  I thought this question might come up; I’ve had such issues with the updates of this (and other) software in the past that I avoid updates if it seems to be working … so many trimes ‘updates’ are giant steps backward and the fix is worse than the original problem.  I will have to research the latest version and see if I should update. I was actually hoping there might be some simple solution that is always overlooked.

OK so I updated Smartware to absolute latest - as of last week - with no change in behavior … updated to on 6/27 and I have 192 of the files (adding up to 154GB )  described above (base file = username@domain.com - outlook(number).pst , excessive backups are username@domain.com - outlook(number)@ long string of letters and numbers .pst) in the outlook folder on the backup.

It seems that adding the extra characters is part of the Smartware process to have historical versions; I have this set to be 3 versions.  Looking at the date/time stamps, Smartware seems to be creating a new backup of the pst files roughly every 2 hours whether the file is used or not and without deleting the past instances.

What is going on? AFAIK it only occurs with Outlook pst files but they eat backup disk space in a hurry!

7/7/15 0700 - Problem continues … with addl data:

From 7/2 @ 1 am thru 7/6 @ 10:30 pm 226 of these files making up 167GB were created as ‘backups’ with a new set of 3 or 4 of the files every 2 hours or so (oftentimes only 3 of the 4 base files are backed up - even though there were NO changes to any of the base files).

Since this doesn’t seem to be happening to others (or they just don’t notice until they run out of disk?) should I open a support ticket directly with WD? 

Alternatively, does WD monitor this forum?

Thanks for any input.

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

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Is there a solution for this problem yet? I have started facing it now.
I get multiple pst files generated all of the same size almost.
I also noticed that it does the same for other files and not only the pst file. But the large size of pst file made me notice the problem.

Any thoughts?

Many thanks