Excellent RMA experience..... NOT

Wow. Just wow.

Bought an SN550 SSD, turns out it was the one with the crippled cache that bombs performance on sustained writes. RMA’d it, paid a fortune to send it back to WD, after lots of emails etc back and forth, eventually they agree to replace the SN550 with an SN750. Great!

Guess what arrives today, a month or so after raising the RMA? Yep, an SN550 with the same crippled flash.

I think my next drive purchase will be from a company that (a) doesn’t change specs without informing customers and (b) has an RMA process that actually works, and people talk to each other. One of the most amusing parts of this was that they asked for a sysinfo extract from my PC, the same PC which no longer has the SSD in as it was in their possession at the time. Unreal.

In the meantime WD, if you want to at least gain some respect back, please expedite the sending out of the correct drive and arrange the pickup of this one at the same time as I am not paying to send this back again for your mistake.


A 4 month hard drive was denied an RMA. Drive was registered by their Customer Service because I could not register it and it still was denied !!! NO MORE WD PRODUCTS FOR ME !!!