Exceeded share directory monitor resource limit

Anyone know what this message means?  I’m trying to move my iTunes libray to the cloud & it froze * I got this message.

I got this too. I think there’s some limit on directories within directories that causes an index problem for remoting viewing files. 

In general I’ve noticed MAJOR lag and slow down when moving some backup files to My Cloud.

I might have to return it it’s almost becoming unusable. :confused: Which is a shame because this seemed like a perfect replacement for my HP MediaSmart Server

Can one of you take a screenshot of this error?

Here’s the message I get.

Following events are generated on your WDMyCloud .

Event title:Exceeded share directory monitor resource limit

Event description:Share directory monitor watch limit has been exceeded. Please reduce number of directories and restart the device to ensure all items are viewable in remote access.


Event code:2300

I got it also - same as stated.  Anyone know anything about it yet?

Exceeded Share Monitor limit.JPGHere are snapshots of my screens

Hmmm.   I’ve not run into that yet, but I don’t have as much photo content as you do.

If it’s what I think it is, you might try within the Twonky configuration pages to set the Rescan Interval to ZERO (0) which will turn off monitoring the shares for changes.

Go to the Twonky manager webpage, under Settings, click ADVANCED, then click “Show” next to Rescan Interval.

Put a zero there, then click SAVE CHANGES, then click RESTART SERVER.

Thanks, only one little problem.I have no idea how to get to a twonky web page.

Colodutch wrote:

Thanks, only one little problem.I have no idea how to get to a twonky web page.



I don’t have a My Cloud, yet (waiting for the 4TB version), however on the MBL I access the Twonky webpage (the Twonky app in the MBL) via http://MBL-IP-Addr:9000. You add “:9000” to however you access the NAS.




Perhaps the same technique will work for the My Cloud. Good luck


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Thanks. That did the trick. I followed the instructions to set interval to 0. Now I’ll give it a day or so to see what happens.

So I have used the rebuild button on the WD Cloud Settings Media page. Twonky rebuilt (as in the attached screen shot). However, there was no change in the screen shot in my earlier post, where the DLNA status was 3 greens, but the media database scan is still stuck on 77% on photos.

Also, after rebuilding, there was no new notification about exceeding limits.

Are there two different scans and databases?

Twonky Rebuild status.JPG

That’s awesome you can access the Twonky server.

Are there any other little tricks?

I unchecked my backup directory in the Sharing settings… thats where i was getting this exceed share problem I think and just left it scanning my video directroy. If that helps anyone. 

Thank you for reporting this issue.  We are currently investigating this and will provide an update once we have more information.

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Today I was called by WD Support. They obtained the log files from my WD Cloud and will come back to me about the issue, when they resolve it.

I am happy with support that is pro-active and quickly reacts.

I’m having the same issue after I used Carbon Copy Cloner to sync my Music, Documents & Pictures user folders on my Mac ( including my Aperture database - 30 GB )

Here are some screenshots:





Affects the Capacity view. It will not show the capacity 

Did this issue ever get resolved? I’m having the same problem with my pictures and music.

Just curious, because I haven’t run into this yet.

Other than the annoying “nag,” does this actually cause a problem?

I can no longer see my photos/videos over DNLA, so assume this is causing the problem. I could see them when I only copied a few over to the NAS, but now everything is there (22000 MP3s and a load of pictures) I can’t seem to access anything

Ok, try this as a possible “workaround”

The “Monitor Limit” is probably a set of “watches” that TwonkyServer is putting on the paths to catch content changes automatically.

Change Twonky’s “Rescan Interval” to “0” (which disables automatic rescans) and then do a manual rescan and see if that fixes that particular issue.

For some reason I can’t access the advanced menu, I just get a blank page. The same happens when I click status. I can view everything else though (setup, sharing etc). Also, when I click the links to the media files at the top of the page - video, pictures, music, etc, nothing happens. It just says ‘My Library’ and doesn’t show any files. I guess I should se a list of everything?

I did notice that on the web interface under content scan status that video, music and pictures are not ticked under DNLA. I have attached a screen grab. ‘Content Scan’ also just displays ‘-’. Could something be wrong with the drive?