Exactly which formats supported?

I came across an ogg video - and didn’t expect that to work - since the manual lists ogg ONLY as an audio container, not a video container - but surprise surprise - it did.

And of course ISO isn’t listed in the list in the manual either, so is there perhaps an updated list somewhere of the possible combinations?

ISO is listed as supported on page 8 of the manual together with VOB and IFO (containers)

Perhaps WDTV see’s the container OGG as a sound file and then discovers that it contains video that it recognises. Think of this as a bonus and that not all OGG’s with video are certain to play.

Ah yes, very clever manual that - it says " For a detailed list of supported formats, refer to “Supported Formats” on page 158." - and when you then turn to the detailed list - it contains LESS info *g*

But I would just like to know what it can do.

Perhaps this should be a suggestion to the development team - tell us what you have set up to parse (unless its just all combinations the SMP-8655 support - but then it doesn’t support ISO so some intermediate processing is going on)