EX4100 will not save new Admin password

I’m puzzled: I created a password for my Admin account a long time ago. I’ve decided it’s time to update it. I’ve tried several times to do so, clicking the Apply button at the end of the procedure without an error message. However, logging on from any browser fails every time I use the new password–only my old password is recognized!

Why can’t I change the password for my admin account so that it’s retained by the system?

Well, I solved it. I noticed that along with the password issue, the system was either not retaining various settings I attempted to change, or generated error messages (for example, trying to save a config file resulted in an “Internal System Error.”)

Realizing that I was dealing with broad-based system corruption, I performed a “40 second reset.” After the system came back up, my problems with configuring it vanished.