EX4100 USB 1 stuck backup

I recently installed an EX4100, when i logged on today i saw that there is a running backup for a usb1 that I’m unable to cancel. I rebooted the device and its still running. is there a way to force halt the job?

Hi janzend,

During the USB backup job, you will get Pause and Delete options to interrupt the backup job process. Did you get any error message?

I am having the same issue! I can’t identify the job to kill it via ssh and i don’t know where they call it because as you the stupid process keeps on running and i believe that is what is preventing me from copying via the front button the files on my camera. This started happening after the new firmware was installed!! Exasperating!

Pause doesn’t work. Info shows there is no source, and it offers “recover” which does nothing either! The trash can and another symbol are both grayed out. My guess is that they’re a cron job but i can’t find it, or some process that is called during boot up.