EX4100 Stuck expanding disk

Hii everyone,

I have an ex4100 with 3 4tbs WD RED running raid-5 and auto-rebuild enabled.

I have added a 4th drive 8tb WD RED and clicked on the option to expand the disk in raid-5 options from the web interface.

However, for the last couple of weeks it has been repeatedly been stuck on expanding disk 1… after completion it asks for the disk to removed and placed inside again at which point it starts the expanding again and upon completion this cycle starts over again…

Any help in resolving this issue will be much appreciated!

Hi @ehab123,

  • Volume Expansion can only be performed when the volume status is “Healthy”.
  • Please ensure to have a backup of the data before expanding the capacity. Normally, data will be retained. However, in the unlikely event of a power loss, or failed drive sector during the expansion process, RAID expansion could lead to a failure.
  • The “Expand Capacity” option will not be displayed on unsupported RAID 5 configurations.
  • An existing RAID5 array originally configured with 3 drives cannot be expanded to RAID5 with 4 drives. The RAID5 must be recreated from the beginning with 4 drives.

Please refer to the following KB article: How to Upgrade the Drives on a My Cloud Device (RAID Expansion)

Dear Neha,

Much thanks for your reply below it was very helpful! Is there any way I can cancel the expansion now and re-create the raid without loosing data?
The expand capacity option was available to me right after installing the 4th disk, the only issue is that it does not stop expanding… as soon as it is complete it asks for drive 1 to be removed and starts expanding again… after a long wait the same message appears and I have to remove disk 1 and wait for the expanding again which is automatically and continuously happening