EX4100 stops communicating and won't power off


I have 2 EX4100 units and i use them sparingly. Last time i had them turned on was in October 2017. I turned them on last weekend and updated the firmware. I noticed that i could no longer access the drive by \ \sharename\Share, only by \ \IP Address\Share.

After that, i noticed i had to pull the power plug because the unit locked up and the power button would not repsond even after being held for a minute. That happened 1 or 2 times last weekend and then again this weekend when i had it powered on. I didn’t have both on, just 1 for now although i did update both firmwares.

My guess is whatever firmware updates have happened since October is the cause.

I have always had them hooked up to a UPS and use 1 power supply each.

I have all cloud and power saving features turned off. I was running about a 6tb backup from the EX4100 to a 8tb USB Drive and it even hung up during the copy at some point, so network activity is not enough to keep it from failing as i have seen some people suggest.

At this point, seeing no sign of it being resolved, I am going to just keep it turned off and maybe focus on getting another 8TB USB drive and then see if they ever fix it with a new firmware update.

I hope my post helps in diagnosing it, though.


Update: I have had a stable NAS for over a year - since uninstalling the Milestone Arcus app back in March '17 (see post above). Probably doesn’t help most folk with this problem though.


I don’t even have the milestone arcus installed but it still freezes at least once every two days.


3 days have passed now and it hasn’t crashed yet. One thing I also find surprising is that my iowait has never been over 15% since this change (I usually get flooded with mails from NetData warning me the iowait and softirq’s are wayyy too high). Also the performance has gotten a boost. Usually, I don’t get more than 25 to 30 MB/s out of this thing. Now it suddenly gives me close to twice that, while I haven’t even setup pairing. So no more warnings, it performs better than ever and I’m thinking: maybe 9000 is just too big for… something. Perhaps the switch? Maybe this EX4100 secretly doesn’t actually support jumbo frames? I don’t know. What I do know is that This thing is doing better than ever before.

I’ll keep you guys posted… Perhaps it will crash… I’m counting on it actually.


I set the link speed to 1000 and the box seems to be working fine so far. Knock on wood. Will update after a couple of days.


Seems to be working fine.