EX4100 stops communicating and won't power off


It was OK until today. So it was running for 4 days. It has locked up again.
So, I have to find another way?? Any help from WD?? I don’t think so…


This is getting out of hand , i bought my EX4100 about three months ago
at first it was all good , now i have to hard reset (unplug power) atleast once a day , sometimes even less than an hour between resets

i tried all the tips on the forum (no sleep , manual IP , disable net aggregate etc.), nothing helped


Mine’s been stable for months, but just had another issue (firmware 2.30.165).


Any news on this issue?
I bought it in January and still hope there’s a firmware update to fix this.
Absolutely terrible support from WD.


My EX4100 does this. I swear the support from WD has been absolutely terrible in this, and I will never buy another Network storage solution from them. I made a batch file to ping the nas every hour to try and keep it from locking up but its only extended my usual day to lock up to about 4-5 days before a lock up. This thing ■■■■■


Agree with you absolutely. Not only NAS system. I will not buy any storage devices from this company again.
Support team is more than terrible…


Still getting this happen more frequently that I care to have happen. Fortunately the kernel setting to reboot automatically on panic and my 5 minute crontabs are working correctly and have minimised the disruption. Pity the poor person who is wanting reliability from these :frowning:



Just to report my experience to date. Original purchase was July 2016, first RMA replacement December 2016, with the replacement doing the same thing. See my previous posts. Second RMA replacement July 2017, and so far, so good with this one. It’s been working without lockup for about 10 weeks now. Replacements are refurbished units and this one has a much earlier serial number than first two, but that says nothing about the age of the electronics. Could have been rebuilt. The disk drives were newly installed 2017 drives.
So if you are struggling with this and still under warranty, consider asking for an RMA. The hassle is managing the data, as the drives must go back with the unit, unless you purchased diskless.
Good luck all. That’s it for me ( I hope).



Shame you had to do an RMA. I’m in Australia and RMAs are really not practical over here. I’ll keep working with the klunky workaround I have for now and if it gets really frustrating, I’ll look at cracking it open and exposing the serial ports and get some proper kernel dumps or will look at getting a different NAS. This one is now pretty much out of the warranty period for me anyways.




Proceeded with return to Amazon after 10 months of this stupid bug. Have bought a Sinology DS416 which will probably work flawlessly.

I’m really disappointed in the completely absent support from WD. It’s a 400€ device without HDs, it’s unacceptable that this is the quality of the support provided.

I’m going to bash this product on every review I ever encounter of it


After my last post a month ago, I have my unit RMA. This new one does not have any problems for almost a month now. It is running smoothly 24/7, just recycling power every week. After all, I think it was hardware fault.


Same here. My daughter purchased one on my recommendation and it was crashing about every 3 days. She returned it to Amazon for a different one. I put the drives into the second one in the same order and everything came up with her data still there. I setup the configuration for users etc. It has been running 24/7 now for two months with no issues. I must have been lucky with my purchase of the 4100. Mine never had the issue to begin with.


I just started a thread in the DL(4100) section. This seems similar.


Thought only us ARM chip users were going to be inflicted with this issue. Sad to hear you are getting the same on an Intel one!


It could be a different disease, it’s just the symptoms appear very similar!


Has there been a resolution to this issue? A fan went on my brand new EX4100 and I was sent an RMA unit that now stops communicating and will not power off. Cant even ping unit. The only thing that works is to unplug the unit. What is going on here and what is WD’s response?


Read through this thread and you’ll note that the only option is to RMA the defective box. In some cases it has taken multiple tries to get an EX4100 that is trouble free. I sent back two of them before getting one that didn’t lock up.
Good luck,


Today I ssh’ed in the box, executed “poweroff” command, and the system didn’t shutdown but had the same behaviour such as stop communicating. Interesting.


WD Case (041418-12874607) - [ ref:_00DU00Jpn7._5000Pge8Yd:ref]
Same problem here. Sometimes I can use the power button to power it off; sometimes it’s frozen. I have now installed a remote power switch so I can use my iPhone to cut the power off and on to the thing. This is totally unacceptable.


We have two vmWare hosts with a buch of Virtual Machines backing up to this NAS. I have now set the framesize of the hosts to 5000 instead of 9000. The NAS is still at 9000. So it has 4000 bytes to play with. Let’s see how this goes because this thing is driving me nuts for over a year now.