EX4100 stops communicating and won't power off


I just started a thread in the DL(4100) section. This seems similar.


Thought only us ARM chip users were going to be inflicted with this issue. Sad to hear you are getting the same on an Intel one!


It could be a different disease, it’s just the symptoms appear very similar!


Has there been a resolution to this issue? A fan went on my brand new EX4100 and I was sent an RMA unit that now stops communicating and will not power off. Cant even ping unit. The only thing that works is to unplug the unit. What is going on here and what is WD’s response?


Read through this thread and you’ll note that the only option is to RMA the defective box. In some cases it has taken multiple tries to get an EX4100 that is trouble free. I sent back two of them before getting one that didn’t lock up.
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Today I ssh’ed in the box, executed “poweroff” command, and the system didn’t shutdown but had the same behaviour such as stop communicating. Interesting.


WD Case (041418-12874607) - [ ref:_00DU00Jpn7._5000Pge8Yd:ref]
Same problem here. Sometimes I can use the power button to power it off; sometimes it’s frozen. I have now installed a remote power switch so I can use my iPhone to cut the power off and on to the thing. This is totally unacceptable.


We have two vmWare hosts with a buch of Virtual Machines backing up to this NAS. I have now set the framesize of the hosts to 5000 instead of 9000. The NAS is still at 9000. So it has 4000 bytes to play with. Let’s see how this goes because this thing is driving me nuts for over a year now.


I have 2 EX4100 units and i use them sparingly. Last time i had them turned on was in October 2017. I turned them on last weekend and updated the firmware. I noticed that i could no longer access the drive by \ \sharename\Share, only by \ \IP Address\Share.

After that, i noticed i had to pull the power plug because the unit locked up and the power button would not repsond even after being held for a minute. That happened 1 or 2 times last weekend and then again this weekend when i had it powered on. I didn’t have both on, just 1 for now although i did update both firmwares.

My guess is whatever firmware updates have happened since October is the cause.

I have always had them hooked up to a UPS and use 1 power supply each.

I have all cloud and power saving features turned off. I was running about a 6tb backup from the EX4100 to a 8tb USB Drive and it even hung up during the copy at some point, so network activity is not enough to keep it from failing as i have seen some people suggest.

At this point, seeing no sign of it being resolved, I am going to just keep it turned off and maybe focus on getting another 8TB USB drive and then see if they ever fix it with a new firmware update.

I hope my post helps in diagnosing it, though.


Update: I have had a stable NAS for over a year - since uninstalling the Milestone Arcus app back in March '17 (see post above). Probably doesn’t help most folk with this problem though.


I don’t even have the milestone arcus installed but it still freezes at least once every two days.


3 days have passed now and it hasn’t crashed yet. One thing I also find surprising is that my iowait has never been over 15% since this change (I usually get flooded with mails from NetData warning me the iowait and softirq’s are wayyy too high). Also the performance has gotten a boost. Usually, I don’t get more than 25 to 30 MB/s out of this thing. Now it suddenly gives me close to twice that, while I haven’t even setup pairing. So no more warnings, it performs better than ever and I’m thinking: maybe 9000 is just too big for… something. Perhaps the switch? Maybe this EX4100 secretly doesn’t actually support jumbo frames? I don’t know. What I do know is that This thing is doing better than ever before.

I’ll keep you guys posted… Perhaps it will crash… I’m counting on it actually.


I set the link speed to 1000 and the box seems to be working fine so far. Knock on wood. Will update after a couple of days.


Seems to be working fine.


Last update: WD has given me an advanced RMA. We now have a PR4100 next to our EX4100 and are moving data to the new unit (which easily manages to do 115MB/s instead of 30-35MB/s). The unit is also much faster than the EX4100. During the migration, the EX4100 has crashed three times already, where the PR4100 is picking its nose begging for more.
WD told me that by the look of the serial number, they could see this particular unit or series of units are faulty. That’s when they offered me a replacement within the guarantee period.
So in a few days, when all data has been beeped over to the other side, we can close this case and send the faulty EX4100 back. Excellent service from WD!


Our two vSphere servers are still configured for 5000 bytes packet size. When this all is over, I’ll try upping those back to 9000 Jumbo Frames to see whether that makes a difference. But for now, we’re very happy.


Just curious what your serial number is on the EX4100 ? I logged similar tickets and was never offered a RMA (probably because I am in Australia).


WNAG26500714. It was a diskless enclosure. Now I’m in the process of migrating everything to the PR4100 which is fast, but yesterday the PR4100 won’t show me the dashboard so now I cannot login. Great stuff.


Mine is WNAG25360101, so not really that close in number. I looked up the RMA process here from Australia and would need to ship the unit to Vietnam (which is a WTF moment to me!). My unit is out of Warranty anyways.

Hope you have better luck with the PR4100. Looks like you are off to a flier so far :slight_smile:


Hi all,

I have finally bit the bullet and in the process of purchasing a “QNAP TS-453BE-4G” and will look at transferring over my data to this unit. I am able to get it for around $700 AUD, so don’t think this is too bad a price, considering the EX4100 model is still being sold at $540 AUD. There is also a promotion for this unit in Australia at the moment for an $80 Gift Card. For anyone that is looking at an alternative, I think these look like they will fit the mark nicely.

Now just need to work out how to get all my data across. Might have to try and beg borrow and steal some storage from elsewhere for a week or two :slight_smile: