EX4100 Solid Red LED on new Red Hard Disk

Been running Raid 1 on 2 x 4TB Red WD since Oct 2017; no problems at all.
Wish to add another 4TB Red and rebuild to Raid 5, so I powered down the NAS box, added a brand new 3TB Red WD drive in slot 3.
On power up of the NAS, Disks go thu test/boot and disk 1 LED stays Blue, disk 2 LED stays blue, disk 3(which I added) LED starts blue but ends up a solid red.
Ran Disk Test: Disk3 Failed - Quick disk test Failed.
So what have I done wrong ??

I checked out the Device | Diagnostics which indicated that all 3 disk were fine.
I took the punt and rebuilt the Raid from 1 to 5 over the 3 disks.
It seems to have worked and the disk 3 LED is now Solid Blue.
Which leads to believe the disk 3 LED was solid red because it was not allocated to a Raid or other.
See how it goes reloading my configuration file and files via USB backup.

@DaveRow57 - did you get a resolution to thus … I’m running Raid 5 … Disk (WD Red) in Bay 1 of my MyCloud Ex 4100 has gone RED Led … the system auto rebuilt the Volume, but now shows 0 kB free … and all of the disks “test” ok … but still the RED Led … I’m communicating with Support (India) …

After the Raid 5 rebuild the unit has been working fine.

Thx @DaveRow57 … I think my drive must have been omitted from the auto volume rebuild ???!!???

Just to clarify - I understand that you backed up the volume to USB (mine will be 7 TB) and you then rebuilt the volume to raid 5 from scratch and included all drives?

Just checking that detail with you

Support was no help at all !!

Long time ago.

I probably did backup the disk volume(before raid 5) to an external HDD.

I do have a backup on a WD drive, as an additional backup of data.

Then added 3rd drive for a raid 5 config.

My data set is nowhere near 7GB.

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Thanks - It looks like I have “lost” the Volume after the auto-rebuild. … Something for the weekend.