EX4100 SFTP transfers - not available?


I recently bought the EX4100 but am having some difficulty in setting it up how I need it. I am trying to create a remote share that can be accessed remotely as various developers will need access to the files on the NAS.

However, I have seen no obvious way on the NAS to use SFTP which I need as I can not rely on bog standard FTP for these transmissions.

So, I have enabled WebDAV in the settings, done port forwarding on my router for the HTTPS inbound port, created a share and enabled WebDAV access on the share, however I can not access the WebDAV share from within the network nor remotely. I reach an authentication screen, and it does accept the proper user and password, but it fails shortly after.

Ideally what I want is a share that various other people can securely access from their locations around the world and that can be mapped as a drive on their local machines without using any third party WD software. Is this at all possible with this unit?

Hi there,

This topic can be found around the forum with different solutions and ideas. Perhaps you can find what you’re looking for.