Ex4100 pro works fine from Android but how do i add it to my iMac and macbook pro

Hi I set and established my cloud using my samsung tablet and it works fine. i have a mycloud account and log in through safari just fine but then it says my ex4100 pro is offline and thats as far as i can get - suggestions ?

Did you check the thread immediately below the one you just posted…?

You haven’t said whether you are trying local or remote access, or whether you have read the user manual.

You might also try the more appropriate forum, just in case it’s specific to the 4100:


I am using the same router that the cloud is plugged into. I can see it working from the tablet but wifi from the mac gets me to the full sign in screen and shows the ex4100 but simply says offline. I’m on el capitan on one mac and sierra on the other. i’ll also add to the other forum, thanks for responding

Can you not map the drive into the Mac’s file system, and use Finder to access files?

There is no need to log in to mycloud.com, or use any WD software to access the drive when local to your network. Mapping the drive is by far the best way to access locally.

Can you access the Dashboard?

o access to the dashboard all i see is the wd and the offline , at the top of the screen files and shared but thats it

That does not sound like the Dashboard, which is the MyCloud’s configuration page. It is NOT mycloud.com, which is the remote access portal. The Dashboard does not mention files or shared at its login page.

To access the Dashboard:


Do this to make sure you can connect to the MyCloud from your Mac.

Did you read any of the other discussions about issues with Safari? It appears that Safari may not like something about the mycloud.com site, but firefox and chrome work okay on a mac.

Thanks, I’ve downloaded chrome, same response and no it won’t let me get into the dashboard

Ive emailed support but yet to hear back, thanks for your help