EX4100, PCs and TimeMachine


Hi - I have an EX4100 set up with two 2TB and two 3TB drives in a single RAID 5 volume. At the moment, that volume contains a number of shares for use by local PCs and users accessing over the internet. We have a MacBook and currently back that up using TimeMachine to a locally attached external hard-drive.
I would like to use the EX4100 as a network drive for the Macbook - using it as a second Timemachine drive. [The network drive will be used for the usual backup with the external drive as a monthly-ish alternative.] My question is - can I have the timemachine backups on the same volume as the PC shares or do I need to create a second volume? I am very wary of “pressing any button” that would harm my PC files.


Sure you can do that.

Just create a separate share in the same volume. You might want to consider setting a Quota on the TimeMachine share so it doesn’t eat too much of your shared volume.


Brilliant – many thanks. Chris