EX4100 is too loud after update

After 2.31.183 firmware update, my EX4100 became so loud at constant ~2000+ RPM fan speed. It has been quiet since I bought it (3years) but now it’s annoying.
Cloud access is OFF, Drive sleep is ON. I uninstalled most apps to make sure nothing is running. Still not helping. It stays like this all day. It doesn’t go to sleep anymore. Maybe it goes to sleep but the FAN doesn’t.

I found out ways to trigger/make it go back to normal by running a “System Test”, “Disk Test” or a reboot. Once I click on one of those buttons the RPM go back to normal ~800 RPM.
But I don’t want to keep doing that all the time.

Hi waleedov,

You can refer to the link provided below in order to resolve the device noise issue.


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Hi John,
I actually thought this forum is dead and I will never get an answer :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot I will check the link.