EX4100 Fan Failure

The 150mm x 150mm Fan in the chassis of my EX4100 16TB network storage device has failed. I’ve tried finding the correct size fan online in all the places I can think of, however, all the sizes in the world except 150x150 are available.
Has anyone managed to successfully get hold of this size fan?
According to another post I’ve seen, Sunon under license to WD are not allowed to sell the fans themselves to other parties.

Can anyone help or advise of anywhere this size fan can be located for the chassis.

Many Thanks

Hi Haggis68,

As the fan of the WD My Cloud EX4100 device is not working, you can refer the link given below and follow the instructions to troubleshoot the issue.


If the drive is under warranty, you can replace the enclosure of the device enclosure with Western Digital by creating the RMA.

To know about the types of RMA and steps to create it, refer to the links given below.