EX4100 doesn't visible on SmartWare app

Hi all

I have my EX4100 connected directly to a computer . I configured static IP to both ,the computer and the server .
I can see the server on MyCloud app (Including available folders and the files there ) . I can also navigate to the server content using Explorer (\“Server IP” ) . However I can’t see the server on the backup app .
Maybe it’s related to the fact the server connected to an XP 64bit and not to Windows Vista/7/8/10 ?

According to WD site WD Quick view and WD MyCloud apps are supported by Win XP -SP3 (I have SP2) . I have installed the following :
Only under Smartware it says “Windows XP” So I’m not sure if it’s supported SP1 too .

I wanted to install also WD discovery but it’s not supported by my OS . Anyhow , since I can see the server and even transfer files to it , I giess it should be fine in terms of connection . I still can’t tell why it’s not visible under SmartWare

Thank you in advance ! .


Take a look at page # 3 of the User’s Manual. It does not mention Windows XP as a compatible OS.

This might be the cause of your issue.

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Thank you . In fact it’s explaining a few things …
I might have to upgrade the system .

Thx !